All dogs attending classes are required to have up-to date vaccinations, including BORDETELLA (kennel cough).

Classes will be held on Wednesday’s or Thursday’s at 6:30PM.
The day of registration does not count as a lesson, it will be only registration and lectures to do with training, and overview of the curriculum of the classes.

NOTE: You do not bring your dog with you the day of registration.
The exception to this is the “Junior puppy” class, where you bring your puppy the first time.

Junior Puppy

For puppies 10-16 weeks
4 lessons x one hour

Beginners obedience

For dogs from 16 weeks and older
7 lessons x one hour

Sit, Down, Stand
Walk on leash
Stay and Wait when asked
Come when called
Teach dog to spin
Teach dog to be patient
Introduction to targeting


For dogs who has done the beginner classes
7 lessons x one hour

Attention (progressive)
Go to a mat
Walk on loose leash
Stay with distractions
Introduction to retrieving
Down from a distance
Come when called
Sit and wait to be greeted
Tug and Give
Target (progressive)
Hand signalling for Sit, Down and Come


For dogs who have done the intermediate class
7 lessons x one hour

Novice exercises as per Canadian Kennel club rules
Focused attention
Heel on leash and Figure 8, speed changes, footwork
Fronts and finishes
Stand for examination
Heel free (heeling without a leash)
Recall (come when called)
Group Sit and Down

Private Lessons

Private lessons can be done any time it is convenient for you, and is done all year. Private lessons are best if your dog has an issue that needs to be dealt with right away, or if you want to get your puppy or newly acquired dog off to a good start when there are no group lessons available right then.

Class Registration Dates

I have no group lessons planned in the near future, but I offer private lessons for you and your dog, or young puppy with some good behavior training.

Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog TrainersCanadian Kennel Club