Bridgetown, Nova Scotia Dog Training

Located in Bear River East, Verner Gamborg Canine Training is ideally located to provide dog training classes to dog owners in Bridgetown, Nova Scotia.

We all know that no two dogs are exactly alike. My training program has been developed with this in mind. The method used is based on an understanding of canine behaviour – how dogs learn and how they communicate with us and with each other. The use of positive reinforcement motivates dogs to learn willingly.

Motivational techniques are based on positive and negative reinforcement (reward for a good job done, no reward for not doing what is asked), in that way gently helping dogs to understand exactly what is being asked of them with NO force.

Class Registration Dates

I will be having one Beginner group lessons with limited entry, and one intermediate class if there are enough interest. The classes will be Fridays at 11:00 AM and 2:30 PM starting May 27. please e-mail me for registration form and reserve a spot in the class

Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog TrainersCanadian Kennel Club