About the Instructor

My experience in training dogs goes back some 25+ years to when I obtained my first Golden Retriever. I trained, and showed my own dogs in competitive obedience, in Canada and USA for many years. That taught me much about how important it is to form a close bond with my dogs, and the effect the type of training that is used has on how strong and positive that bond becomes.

I have used that experience along with what I have learned from regularly attending seminars on training and teaching dogs, and to study books and video’s by such well known trainers as Wendy Volhard, Terry Arnold, Annemarie Silverton, Janice Gunn, and the latest by Dr. Sophia Yin from San Francisco, on dog behaviour.

This has enabled me to acquire skills and knowledge based on the latest methods of motivational training, and in teaching others how to train their dogs which I have done for the past 20+ years.


Class Registration Dates

I have no group lessons planned in the near future, but I offer private lessons for you and your dog, or young puppy with some good behavior training.

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